By Naveen Dhaliwal

MANOR HEIGHTS, Staten Island (WABC) — A disturbing video of a fight inside a Staten Island school is going viral.

Police say it all started between a 13-year-old, and someone else outside the school, and poured into the hallways of Wagner High School. Now, the teenager is facing charges.

Blood was smeared on the floor, and items were scattered. The 13-year-old punched another student several times in the head as school resource officers and teachers, along with other students tried to break it up.

“I knew one of the teachers, so I got really scared,” said junior Olivia Lee.

What was even more frightening is that detectives say the 13-year-old had a knife, and the rumors and fear circulated quickly in the school.

“Everybody in the classroom saw the video, and we thought a teacher and student got stabbed,” Lee said.

Police say no one was stabbed, but the teen suspect suffered a bloody nose. The victim’s injuries are unknown.

This latest act of school violence is causing big concerns.

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