By Thomas Tracy, Nicholas Williams, and Michael Elsen-Rooney

“It was a really hectic situation especially when you have that many people crowded around. There’s a lot of arm movements and someone can just get elbowed in the face accidentally just for trying to help,” he said.
“The situation in general it was kind of bad but I was shocked on how fast the security responded so I don’t think if it happened again I would be in sort of immediate danger,”

Christopher Barnes, Student, 16 years old.

A raucous brawl triggered by a social media feud erupted at a Manhattan high school Wednesday, leaving six school safety agents injured, sources said.

The melee broke out around lunch time at the Washington Irving High School campus near Union Square when two students squared off in the auditorium over an argument that started on Instagram Live, according to students.
Six school safety agents — out of a total of 15 stationed at the 3,500-student campus, which houses six schools — were injured in the scuffle and brought to Beth Israel Hospital for evaluation, according to the union that represents them.

DOE spokesman Nathaniel Styer said “violence has absolutely no place in our schools, and our outstanding School Safety Agents immediately moved to intervene and stop this incident. The school will engage all parties involved and take appropriate disciplinary action, as needed.”

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