Statement from Christina Eadicicco and her daughter, Elizabeth

      Hello, my name is Christina Eadicicco, parent of Elizabeth Eadicicco. Elizabeth is an explorer at Post 2015 for the last two years. She had a very challenging year her first year of being an explorer with many medical issues. Agent David Perez along with others from Post 2015 always supported her, with phone calls and text messages to see how to was doing. They really become an extended family. Due to the pandemic her Sweet 16 was cancelled. I put together a birthday driveby. Agent David Perez along with members of her post who were thrilled to be there had surprised her on this special day. They also showed up with other school safety officers to show their support to her. The school safety officers have always shown support to the children and their community. They provided a safe environment to the kids and the kids all enjoyed the program. Elizabeth is beyond honored that she has the opportunity to be a part of this amazing program who has taught her so much and where she feels love.

      My name is Elizabeth Eadicicco, daughter of Christina Eadicicco and proud member of Post 2015. Two years ago I decided that I wanted to be an NYPD explorer and Post 2015 welcomed me with open arms and love. Later that year, I had several health issues. Besides the love and support from my family, I also received loads of love and support from Agent David Perez and the rest of the post with a number of phone calls and texts. In May of 2020 it was my Sweet 16. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic I was able to have the Sweet 16 I have always dreamed of, but my mom stepped in and threw me a surprise birthday driveby.  This event was led by Agent David Perez along with his colleagues and the other members of Post 2015. They truly made this day a special day for me. This post has definitely become an extended family to me. They make me feel loved and protected. The school safety agents do an amazing job of making us kids feel loved and well protected.