Lucy Reyes, Parent

School safety  agents are very much needed for all children in the school buildings. They protect the kids , the school and keep out intruders.  Without them I wouldn’t be in the right of mind leaving my kids in the school without protection. My three children attended the summer youth police academy which was an amazing experience for them.  They received discipline and was taught lessons that had a major impact on them. I kept in contact with agent Gil she became like family  my kids really looked up to her  . There had came a time when my daughter went missing when she was only 15 years old, I reported it to the the cops and they told me wait 48hrs after those hours passed they did nothing . Me not knowing what to do I contacted Agent Gil to see if she was able to help me and Agent Gil exact words to me were “Lucy don’t worry  you are going to have your daughter by Monday “. 

The agents in my daughter school knew my daughter enough to give Angent Gil information of where she could be and who she hanged out with. When Monday came I received a call from Agent Gil telling me “Lucy I found Your  daughter ” . Without Agent Gil I wouldn’t of had my daughter here. This traumatic experience showed me that school safety  Agents care  and go beyond for all children.